i16 Max TWS Airpod Bluetooth Earpiece True Wireless Headset

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1. The only tapping function on the market that summons Siri, comparable to the impact experience of the Air port, size 1:1
2. Headphone battery comes with a protection board, no need to worry about battery loss
3. Powerful Blue tooth 5.0v, connecting distance is farther, lower power consumption
4.HIFI subwoofer, open a new auditory feast, the sound quality is comparable to the original
5. Automatically switch on and off automatically, eliminating the cumbersome need to manually pair traditional headphones
6. Transmission distance: within 30 meters
7. Music time: 4 hours
8. Standby time: 120 hours
9. Headphone capacity 45 mAh Charging bin 400 mAh