Hoco GM17, wireless business membrane keyboard and mouse set

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GM17, wireless business membrane keyboard and mouse set, English / Russian version optional

1. Keyboard: membrane keyboard. Body material: ABS + liquid silicone.
2. Connection method: 2.4G, USB-A receiver.
3. Scheme: Han Tianxia.
4. Sizes: 440*140*25mm. Weight: about 400g.
5. Key: 104 key/KEY/Layout.
6. Keycaps: silk-printed white characters over UV keycaps. Service life: 8 million times.
7. Mouse. Material: ABS+PVC, cable length 1.5m.
8. Sizes: 105.5*60*23.5mm. Weight: 48g.
9. The service life is about 3 million times.
10. DPI: 800-1200-1600.
11. Applicable for PC, for PS4, etc.
12. Compatible with most mainstream systems on the market
13. English/Russian version is optional (support other language customization).

English version