Hoco Z23 Dual usb port Grand style in car charger 12W

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Z23 Grand style dual USB port car charger 2.4A 12W total output multiple circuit protection universal in-car charging 

1. Input: DC12-24V.
2. Output: USB total output: DC5V / 2.4A / 12W,
Single USB maximum output: DC5V / 2.4A Max.
3. Flame-retardant PC material, durable.
4. The product adopts high-gloss + matte two-color combination design, dual USB output power 12W.
5. Multiple circuit protection, compatible with more than 99% USB charging digital devices.
6. Size: length * diameter: 8.0*3.0cm. Weight: 21g.
7. Available sets: single charger, charger with Lightning cable and charger